Thank you for your interest in our study!
  • The focus of the study is on the experiences of mothers of children with autism, and in identifying how language and cognitive features may be linked with normal variation in the FMR1 gene.
  • Participation would involve completing some questionnaires, interviews, and language and cognitive tasks.
  • In addition, we have added a genetics component that would involve submitting a saliva sample so that we could index normal variation on the FMR1 gene (FMR1 is the gene that causes fragile X syndrome- the most common known genetic cause of autism. For this study we are focused on how normal variation on the gene may relate to language features associated with genetic risk for autism).
  • Participation would take 3-4 hours and the compensation is $80.
  • In-person and virtual participation options are offered!
  • If you choose to participate in person, your son/daughter with autism may also be asked to participate in the study, including some language and cognitive assessments and play-based tasks. We will tailor the child assessments to your son/daughter's ability level. Your child will receive $10 for participating.
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