Thank you so much for being willing to serve as a speaker for a continuing pharmacy education activity! The University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a provider of continuing pharmacy education, and we will be accrediting this event per the ACPE Standards for Continuing Pharmacy Education.

This form will require you to submit all required information for accreditation, including:

  • Your name, credentials, job title, organization, and contact information
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae (preferred), resume, or biography
  • Disclosures of financial relationships
  • CPE activity date, location, time, length, audience, needs assessment, and overall goal
  • CPE activity title and learning objectives (***must be final at the time of submission***)
  • Planned design for active learning/learning assessments

This form should be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to your CPE activity event but may be requested earlier by your specific organization or conference to allow for advertising of the CPE activity.

If your CPE session has multiple speakers, a single speaker should complete this form with the names of all speakers, compiled learning objectives, and their own CV and disclosure information. All other speakers will complete the form linked here to provide their own CV and disclosure information.

You may save this form and return at a later time. Please ensure you record the code that is provided upon saving in order to return.

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